PulseDrone Unmanned Aerial System

Flight Management System for drones

Multiple Platforms

Support Web, iOS and Mac.
Flight data lives on the cloud for secure ubiquitous access.

Great Support

All flight hardware and software system have dedicated support team, to back you up.

Cost effective

PulseDrone aerial platform has both fixed wing and multi-rotor vehicles, at different price point for your mission requirement.

Support Web, iOS and Mac

Manage your drones on the web, mobile and desktop. Sign in now.


Drones are designed not only for photographic mission, but also carry multiple different kind of payloads.


All data of your flights are stored securely on the cloud. You can also opt to backup the data locally.

Great Ideas

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Flight visualizations

You can visualize your flights by importing flight logs on the 3D Robotics platform in 1-click, or use the accompanied app for the Dji Vision platform.

Multiple flight controllers

PulseDrone currently supports both 3D Robotics and Dji Vision platforms. Additional platforms are currently in the pipeline.

Buy hardware directly online

Need a drone now? You can soon buy direct online at PulseDrone.

Fixed wing and mult-rotor models are both available starting May 2015.

UAS Hardware line up

If you have not got a drone yet, you can buy direct at PulseDrone

Member 1
Multirotor Transport

3.2kg take off weight
Carry 2KG payload with 34 minutes endurance
Air-drop capability

Member 2
Lightweight Fixed Wing

1.7M Wingspan
40km effective range
High performance

Member 3
Heavy Fixed Wing

2M Wingspan
Ample payload space for multiple payload
Air-drop capability